About us

GLocation (Glocalization) is a neologism that arises from the composition between globalization and localization. Thinking globally and acting locally. We provide quick solutions for the production of data, in statistical, social and geographical context, precursors of the data factory for socio-technical systems. We are ideal for digital transformation based on three trends in the information industry:

(1) Low code for the co-creation of missional information systems.
(2) Cloud Platform for the provision of hardware as a service.
(3) Free software to unleash creativity and innovation.

Sociotechnical Principle

Sociotechnical systems are an organizational management model that focuses on its social part and the technical part of the company in a holistic way for the optimization of productive results. Especially in GLocation we have not specialized in the manufacture of data and knowledge under this approach, not only within organizations, but also as an interoperability strategy and generation of synergies for different entities, we apply this concept in the production of data in a context of legal interdependence.

Focus Concept

Data Factory

The infoxication or excess of information produces the lack of interest in the data, from GLocation and our data factory we carry out all the necessary processes to obtain raw data and through pipes carry out the storage in the datalake and datawarehouse for the transformation of data to information .

Cloud Client

Clout Client provides a platform that enables clients to develop, run and manage applications without the complexity of creating and maintaining the infrastructure typically associated with developing and launching an application, Statistical econometric client with R statistical computing GIS Cloud Client with QGIS and Geographic server with Geoserver.

Web Client

The new economic and social conditions challenge the way of managing the territory, in GLocation we are constantly co-creating new realities, where technology plays a central role, we have leveraged on Google Cloud Platform, Low Code technology (Appsheet and Appian) and free software.



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